I am a firm believer in the importance of club fitting. Having purchased new clubs after a fitting over a year ago and then watching my handicap factor drop by 4 within that same time frame, I am optimistic that the improvement in my game is in direct correlation to my new clubs. I was instantly more comfortable hitting with my fitted clubs. Everything about them felt right and I had a technological assessment of my swing to back it up.

Since 2011, major equipment manufacturers and golf ball manufacturers are placing a major emphasis on club fitting. Taylor Made has dramatically expanded its implementation of performance labs, Ping has developed a golf software program called ‘nFlight’ and other big companies have followed suit.

So what does a complete club fitting entail?

During a complete fitting, a trained fitter will address factors affecting your unique execution of hitting the golf ball. Such factors include face angle, launch angle, spin rate, ball speed, attack angle, and the path of the club as you swing. All of these factors are studied to discover the right shaft and club head combination to optimize your swing.

Getting your irons fit to you is one of the best things you can do for your game.